Are you our friend? Or our follower?

Jun 01, 2021

Are you our friend?  Of course, anyone who we see as a patient we consider a friend.  But we’re talking about our friend on Facebook!  Or perhaps you’re one of our followers…on Instagram!  Let’s face it…most of the world today relies heavily on social media outlets for news and information.  SC Obesity Surgery Center is certainly not one to be behind the times!  We’ve had an active Facebook page for many years with over 1,250 people who “like” us.  And this spring, we debuted our brand new Instagram account!

If you don’t already like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram, you should add us!  We utilize these two social media accounts to convey a wealth of information to the over 7,500 patients we’ve served since our program began in 1998.  By liking us or following us, you have access to:

  • Patient success stories (with pictures and video!)
  • Support group reminders
  • Info about the protein products we offer in our office
  • Highlights of our amazing staff
  • Delicious bariatric-friendly recipes
  • News about the milestones our surgeons celebrate
  • Tips and advice
  • Words to motivate you
  • And truly so much more!

Ready to be our friend?  Or our follower?  It’s easy!  Simply search for “SC Obesity Surgery Center” on either account or use our handles: @SCObesitySurgeryCenter on Facebook and @sc_obesity on Instagram.  See you around…friend!

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