Building Resilience

Sep 11, 2023


- the ability to cope with and recover from setbacks and life difficulties.

The discussion topic during our last Support Group was resilience and how important it is  to to be a resilient person to maintain long-term weight loss.

How to Become More Resilient

  1. Reframe Negative Thoughts- Instead of viewing adversity as insurmountable, look for small ways to tackle the problem and make changes that will help.Be more hopeful.
  2. Focus on What is Within Control – Focus on what you can directly impact.Learn from experience, for example how have you coped with hardship positively in the past.
  3. Seek Support – Building strong positive relationships with family and friends can help when you need support.Establish other important connections – counselors, Support Group, Lexington clinicians, join a faith community.
  4. Manage Stress – Learn new healthy stress management habits such as journaling, cognitive restructuring, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, exercise (yoga, running, walking, biking), have fun with family and friends.
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