Celebrating Your Non-Scale Victories

Feb 08, 2021

After weight loss surgery, it can become quite easy (and addicting) to focus on the number revealed each time you step on the scale.  Stepping on the scale each day is not recommended, as small changes in body weight occur each day (and throughout each day) due to a multitude of factors, such as time of day and body fluids.  Weighing yourself daily and focusing on the scale can become self-defeating when you don’t see the numbers you wish to see…and this can cause some to give up on their goals.  Because every weight loss surgery patient experiences stalls in their weight loss, it’s much better (and healthier, mentally) to focus instead on your non-scale victories.  How many non-scale victories can you claim in the list below?

  • Having more energy

  • Feeling younger

  • A new social life

  • Receiving wanted attention and positive remarks from others

  • Better health

  • Taking less medications

  • Improved mobility

  • Less joint pain

  • Boosted vitality

  • A smaller waist, arms, legs, etc.

  • Able to wear more fashionable clothing

  • Not feeling “trapped” inside your body

  • Able to play with kids or grandkids

  • Better self-esteem

And the list goes on, right?  We’ve heard the following from countless patients: “Having weight loss surgery changed my life.”  The story of a life made easier and better by weight loss surgery isn’t told merely by numbers on a scale.  It celebrates the wide array of non-scale victories claimed by those who chose to look at the big picture of how great life is after surgery.   

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