Depression during the holidays

Oct 18, 2021

People suffer from depression any time of the year, but stress and anxiety during the holidays may cause people to feel even more loneliness and sadness. Constant reminders that the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year can make people feel isolated. For many people the holidays are not so cheerful. Stressful end-of-year deadlines, family problems/loss, emotional eating, excessive alcohol use, and change of temper can make people feel depressed. Pressure to be happy during the holidays and constant reminders of others’ happiness can cause depression and sadness.  Some people experience the holidays as a reminder of what they don’t have or the love that is lacking in their lives. For this reason, the holidays are an especially difficult time for those dealing with family problems, break-ups, death of a loved one, divorce, and mental health problems. It is helpful to remember if endless holiday parties, family gatherings, and shopping trips get you down, you are not the only one.

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