Hands On Eating Out With My Dietitian

Jan 19, 2016

Although I don't promote frequently eating out when managing your weight loss/maintenance, the reality is that we all may run into having to eat out socially from time to time.  I thought that it might be fun for me to share a few tips that I try when eating out in my area a few times/month.  I've chosen a few local favorites that I thought you might all enjoy!


**Read menu descriptions for what the food is prepared with, how is is cooked, what it comes with, etc.....
**Caution with these terms "crispy," "fried," "creamy white sauce," "desserts," cream soups," "served over a bed (we don't need our food on a bed :).  
**Whether or not you have had bariatric surgery, it is smart to remember that excess portions when eating out in America is what you will run into.  Therefore, ask for a to-go box when your meal is served to put half of your meal in for take home to avoid  the temptation of overeating. 

Blue Marlin Restaurant 

    1. Anything fish option from the "Fresh Off The Hook" section of the menu. Modify    side items with sauteed green beans light on the butter sauce, side salad w/dressing on the side
    2. "Salmon Pontchartrain" substitute grits for a side salad w/lite dressing on the side
    3. "Vista Chicken" modify by holding garlic butter sauce
    4. "Ahi Tuna" from the appetizer menu

Motor Supply (menu varies daily)
1. Choose one of the signature salads with dressing on the side + add grilled chicken or grilled shrimp
2. Any grilled shrimp or grilled chicken entree just the way that it comes (keep in mind the cautionary terms above b/c the menu varies)

California Dreaming
1. Peel & Eat Shrimp +/- side salad w/lite dressing on the side
2. California Dreaming Salad modify by choosing ham, turkey, choose one (eggs OR cheese OR almonds), tomatoes, and lite dressing on the side
3. Filet Mignon or Sirloin + vegetables (double veggies and skip the starch).
4. BBQ Chicken or Knob Hill Chicken + veggies (double veggies and skip the starch)

Roly Poly
1. California Hummer on wheat 
Order it just the way it comes!
2. Creole Chicken on wheat 
3. Ginger Shrimp on wheat 

Ruby Tuesday
They make it so nice with the "Fit and Trim" menu!!!
1. Hickory Bourbon Chicken w/steamed broccoli and garden bar salad (salad greens, any non-starchy veggie, lite dressing on the side)
2. Grilled Salmon w/F/T spaghetti squash + F/T green beans
3. Petite Parmesan Shrimp Pasta + garden bar salad (salad greens, any non-starchy veggie, lite dressing on the side)

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