Healthy Grocery Shopping and Meal Planning on a Budget!

Mar 14, 2016

When it comes to making better food choices, I often hear "eating healthy is so expensive and I just cannot afford it."  Healthy eating can get pricey for sure, but it doesn't always have to be.  Let me help you with a strategy for shopping healthy the savvy way!

1. Check the sale add prior to making your grocery list.
2. Don't ever go to the grocery store hungry or without your grocery list, because you'll end up spending a fortune!  Trust me, I've done it and so has my spouse!  
3. Mix and match expensive recipes with less expensive recipes for the week. 
Expensive: Seafood, Lean Beef (93% ground beef, sirloin)
Less Expensive: Grilled chicken, eggs to make a Quiche, substitute lean ground turkey for extra lean ground beef
4. Shop seasonal. Buy produce that’s in season. Not only does it taste better than the out-of-season stuff, but it's almost always cheaper. That's because stores generally have a lot of it and want to sell it off fast. Local Farmers Market Calendar.  
5. Instead of buying pre-packaged foods for convenience, consider allowing some extra time to create your own 100 calorie snack pack or freeze leftovers in ~1 cup containers rather than pre-packaged frozen dinners. 
gld_snck50ct_frt_05116. Finally, save on your budget by eliminating  bottles/can of soda, juice, chips.  Instead, buy a water bottle and refill it with water everyday!

In summary, in order to maximize your body's performance,  think about consuming healthier options to help improve your energy level! 

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