What can a food diary do for me?

Mar 31, 2016

Anyone who has visited a dietitian has probably heard the phrase “please keep a food diary and we will assess it at your next visit.” I would be willing to bet that more than half of those people wonder why they wasted their time to hear a dietitian say those words. I challenge you to read on and consider some of the benefits to keeping an ACCURATE food diary.

  1. It increases awareness of the food that you are putting into your mouth. Do you really want to record those cookies that you had before you went to bed? I would imagine your answer is no, but you might be surprised at your mental response to recording that.
  2. It keeps you accountable for the portions that you consume. You can’t keep an accurate food diary without measuring the amount of food that you are eating.
  3. It allows the opportunity for you to reflect on why you are eating that particular food and what type of food that you are eating. We eat for all types of reasons, so consider recording why you ate the food that you chose and if anything triggered you to eat that food. (Example: candy bar from the snack machine because work has been stressful.)
  4. You and your dietitian can assess your overall nutrient intake. Regardless of your weight, overall nutrition is extremely important. This is a great way for you and your dietitian to discuss the importance of the numbers on the back of a food label.
  5. Record blood sugar readings and other symptoms as they relate to food. If you have symptoms after eating certain types of food, it may help identify a sensitivity or intolerance to those foods.


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