Happy New Year!

Jan 02, 2017

After the holidays, many people enjoy taking the time to clean out their homes, refresh their routines, and of course, make “New Year’s Resolutions.” Surprisingly, many of the articles coming out this year have been encouraging people not to make resolutions. Whether you like to make resolutions and always stick with them or have never made one in the past, here is a suggestion: Eat more vegetables this year!

For adults, the recommended intake of vegetables is at least 2 cups per day. Ask yourself if you are eating at least 2 cups of vegetables daily. No? Then this resolution is perfect for you!

According to government research, fruit and vegetable consumption in the United States has decreased by 7% over the past 5 years. In fact, only about 10% of Americans eat the recommended amount of vegetables daily. This is mainly due to the increase in use of frozen and convenience foods and the decrease in home cooked meals where vegetables are served.

So how can you eat more vegetables? Here are some tips:

  1. Start your day with produce
    1. If you eat eggs, mix some chopped vegetables in
    2. If you have a protein shake,  blend in some spinach or kale
    3. Slice a tomato and serve with salt and pepper
  2. Keep washed, sliced vegetables in the refrigerator, ready for a snack.
    1. Use this opportunity to get rid of the junk food snacks
    2. Place the snack vegetables at eye level in the refrigerator, instead of in the produce bin
  3. Experiment with a new vegetable every week to find new ones that you enjoy  
    1.  visit a farmers market to try local, in-season produce, ask the vendor for tips on preparing unfamiliar vegetables
    2. Try new ways of cooking, such as roasting or grilling
  4. Prep your vegetables for the week by washing and slicing ahead of time so they are easy to prepare for evening meals.
  5. Add chopped, frozen vegetables to your typical recipes
  6. Make a big green salad at the beginning of your week and have a little each day with your meals
  7. Get a Vegetti (http://www.buyveggetti.com/) or other spiralizer and substitute zucchini or squash for pasta
Happy New Year

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