Protein Water vs. Protein Shake

Aug 31, 2017

One of the newest products to hit the grocery store shelves is protein water. Protein shakes have been around for years, but protein water provides an alternative for those that do not like a "chalky" or "milky" consistency. Protein water is much like it sounds, flavored water with protein mixed in it. Various companies have become involved in the production of these products. You may have seen Protein2O, Isopure Zero Carb, Premier Protein Clear, Atkins Lift, etc. There are various flavors and brands out there.
It is important that consumers understand that although protein shakes may taste different than protein water, they serve the same purpose. Protein water should not be used as "water" to drink throughout the day. It should be used as a supplement, just as a shake is used. As mentioned previously, protein waters provide a different flavor and consistency to potentially improve the tolerance of protein supplements. Make sure you are looking at your labels! Protein water is not just flavored water. Most protein water contain at least 15g of protein. 
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