Set yourself up for healthy eating throughout the holiday season!

Nov 07, 2017

It’s that time of year again! Fall and the upcoming holidays always seem to throw us (and our diets) into chaos. Unfortunately, this can lead to take-out, fast food, and convenience meals that contribute to holiday weight gain. Add holiday stress and this is a recipe for disaster!

This year let’s make a pre-holiday resolution to avoid the take out and fast food by planning ahead and sticking to our game plan. Start with one meal at a time:

  1. Eat breakfast at home or pack it ahead of time to take with you:
    • Whole grain toast with peanut butter
    • Yogurt and fruit on the run
    • Hard boiled eggs ready to go
    • Mini egg frittatas (add cheese or meat to your liking!)
  2. Pack a healthy lunch (or make one at home) that know you will enjoy and be satisfied with
    • Cook an extra chicken breast with dinner then slice it with your favorite salad
    • Try frozen black bean burgers (no bun) topped with salsa, cheese, and avocado
    • Deli meat roll-ups
  3. Keep healthy snack options at home and work for convenience, get rid of the junk food
    • Cottage cheese cups with diced pineapple or diced veggies
    • Low fat string cheese sticks
    • Pre-portioned nuts
    • Cut-up veggies and Greek yogurt ranch dip
  4. Have quick dinner ingredients on hand
    • Pre-seasoned fish from the grocery and frozen veggies to microwave
    • Rotisserie chicken and pre-packaged salad
    • Jarred tomato sauce, lean ground beef, pre-made veggie noodles (zucchini squash spirals can be found in many produce departments now!)

Convenience meals don’t have to be fat-laden and high calorie. Being wise in your choices and a little bit of preparation can make eating healthy during this crazy time of year easier. Some other ingredients for quick meals to keep in your freezer and pantry: canned tuna, riced cauliflower/broccoli, frozen vegetables, and canned beans.

What tips do you have? Share those or questions with me at Marlena Farley!

Happy Holidays

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