Diet vs. Lifestyle Change

Dec 28, 2021
As the holiday season closes and the new year approaches, many people are ready to focus on new year resolutions. Weight loss is one the most common resolutions in our country. The quickest way to achieve weight loss is typically through fad dieting. However, we would be much better suited if we worked on lifestyle changes.

So what is the difference between a fad diet and a lifestyle change? Great question! Fad diets tend to be temporary and very restrictive. Weight loss typically occurs faster following a fad diet because of the restrictive nature. Lifestyle changes involve identifying habits and making changes one at a time to make a long-term difference. 

If you find yourself in this position, I would encourage you to focus on making lifestyle changes. If you focus on lifestyle changes, fad dieting can be a thing of the past. Whatever you do, ask yourself this question "can I do this forever?" If not, it's temporary and you will continue to struggle. If so, you are heading in the right direction. Lifestyle changes may include: eating three meals per day, eliminating sugar-sweetened beverages, exercising at least 150 minutes per week, etc. 

Feel free to reach out our support staff or attend our monthly support groups if you need some support along the way. We host support groups the first Tuesday of every month in the SC Obesity Surgery Center lobby 6-7pm. Join us anytime!
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