Don’t Take the Smoothie Slide!

Mar 07, 2022

“Smoothies are HEALTHY for you”…said no bariatric provider ever!  Many people think that smoothies are safe to drink because they’re full of fruits and vegetables.  However, smoothies have historically been mis-marketed as “health food” because they often also contain high amounts of calories, fat, and sugar. 

Even the “healthiest” of smoothies can have more calories than you need after bariatric surgery.  More importantly, you should never, ever drink your calories.  Bariatric surgery works when you fill your smaller pouch with solid proteins such as lean beef, chicken, fish, or turkey during mealtime.  Solid protein expands in your pouch and sticks around for a while, making you less likely to get hungry between meals and reach for a snack.  Liquids (like smoothies, colas, and fancy coffee drinks) are a form of “slider foods” and therefore slide, or pass, straight through your pouch.  The feeling of fullness doesn’t stick around, but the calories and fat do.

If you’re a smoothie drinker, make the switch to the calorie-free, fat-free option for optimal hydration: WATER.  Instead of slurping down a drink that may prevent weight loss, satisfy yourself with the long-lasting fullness you’ll experience by pairing a lean protein with produce at each meal.  Don’t take the smoothie slide!

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