Exercising In The Cold Weather

Jan 21, 2022


“It’s too cold to walk outside.”  When this Northerner hears this from patients, I have to chuckle to myself.  As a kid we would play outside in the snow until we could not feel our fingers and toes!  Of course, we shouldn’t go to that extreme, but the cold weather should not hamper our outdoor activities.  We get more sensitive to the cold as we get older and as we experience weight loss.  There are however, some tips which will make it safe and more enjoyable for us all to exercise in cold weather.

Dress in Layers – Dressing in layers allows you to remove layers and put them back on as needed.  Dress with wicking fabrics (polyester, polypropylene and merino wool), closest to your skin.  Cotton is not a moisture wicking fabric.  Wear jackets you can easily take off and tie around your waist.  Pockets are great too, to put hats or gloves into if you get too warm.

Protect your extremities – Wear a hat that covers your ears, warm socks (one or two pair) and gloves or mittens.  Your body tries to protect and keep your core warm first that’s why protecting your extremities is so important.  Small heat packs are a great way to keep fingers and toes warm. 

Stay Hydrated – Hydration is just as important in cold weather as in warm weather.  You are still perspiring and still need 64+ oz of fluid per day.

Light Up – Often in the winter we find ourselves walking as the sun goes down or the sun is not up in the early morning.  Light yourself up with light colored clothing, a reflective vest and blinking lights.  If biking at dusk or dawn it is always a good idea to have both a front and back light.

Following these few tips, we can all enjoy walking, hiking, biking and (for the adventurous and those willing to travel a bit North) even sledding, skiing and snowboarding in the cold weather!

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