Aug 06, 2021

Most bariatric patients know that protein foods are their top priority when planning a meal.  After protein foods, high fiber foods should be the next item on your bariatric plate.  Fiber keeps you feeling fuller longer and takes longer to digest.  High fiber foods are essential to avoid constipation as well as getting plenty of fluid and exercise.

As with protein requirements, bariatric patients will need to be intentional to get the required amount of fiber.

                                              Women aim for 25 grams /day

                                                Men aim for 38 grams/ day

Overly processed carbohydrates such as dessert cakes, potato chips and buttery crackers have very little fiber.  Fiber-filled carbohydrates such as green beans, broccoli, dark leafy greens, cauliflower, berries and apples are more appropriate choices.  Most fruits and vegetables are high in fiber.  A fiber supplement may also be appropriate to meet your fiber needs.

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