Grocery Shopping

Oct 04, 2018

shopping cartJust a few tips to help when grocery shopping!

• Make a shopping list.

• Place lean proteins and fruits and vegetables at the top of the list.

• Avoid grocery shopping on an empty stomach; it will save your waistline and wallet.

• Shop the supermarket perimeter. Most whole foods are found along the walls of the store and it decreases temptation.

• By avoiding the inner isles, you can avoid the highly processed and tempting foods.

• Buy only the items that are necessary for you and your family.

• Avoid buying food items for other people that you may eat. If the thought, “But it’s for the kids” pops into your head, take a moment and ask yourself if you would eat it too if it was in the house. If the answer is yes, put it back on the shelf.

• For vegetables and fruits, buy canned, fresh and frozen. While canned is not as nutritionally dense as fresh or frozen, it is easy to have on hand and better than fast foods choices.

• Buy canned or fresh packed its own juice, no added sugar or syrup

It important to think about what foods you are going to buy when grocery shopping but also think of what is already in your home and what may need to go! It’s okay to get rid of tempting foods!

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