How to Socialize without Eating

Nov 16, 2020

Socialize around exercise. Make the social engagement one that involves exercise. Why not make it a little more enjoyable by doing it with a friend. Instead of meeting for brunch, get together and go to the gym. Dog-lovers know your dog is going to need a walk. Why not meet with a friend and walk the dogs together. This way, you, your friend, and your dogs collectively can be social and healthy together.

Socialize around volunteering. Get together members of your family and participate in organizing blood, clothes, or food drives. Meet in a group and volunteer at a soup kitchen or a homeless shelter. Plan with close friends to tutor children. There are so many social organizations that can use volunteers that the list is virtually endless. If you can do something for someone else and enjoy the company of friends, what could be better?

Socialize around learning. Take a class at the local community college with a friend or family member, either for credit or personal enrichment. This way, you can grow together with your loved ones. Skills like knitting, cooking, gardening, wood working, and car repair are harder to come by than decades past. Here, food can be involved in a helpful way, which is to learn or to teach others rather than mere consumption.

Socialize around enterprise. Establish a club or a business with family and friends on a part-time basis. This could involve making crafts and trying to sell them or even establishing a garden to provide fresh produce. It is common to have food at group meetings in order to draw more people. Make sure the group is getting together because of the interest and not the food by having dynamic and interesting get-togethers.

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