Are you in the right mindset for weight loss?

Jan 04, 2016
  1. Is exercise fun? Studies show that women who think they are “exercising” eat more junk foods after their activity than do women who perform the same activity for leisure. Make your activities fun, try to re-frame your thinking about the activity. Don’t reward yourself with junk food after exercising.
  2. Are you compassionate towards yourself? If you tend to focus on your flaws and imperfections, it’s difficult to feel good about yourself. This can lead to depression and emotional eating. Next time you feel “down” about yourself imagine what a friend would say to you and tell yourself those same things> With a positive body image, you tend not to focus excessively on exercise and dieting, so it’s easier to detect and trust your hunger and satiety clues.
  3. Do you have a long term plan for success? Try to focus on maintenance first. Many people have lost significant amounts of weight, but then gain it back. The problem is not having the skills to maintain. Find long term replacements for high calorie foods and beverages, and strategies that will work for a lifetime, not just a short while.

    Having a positive attitude towards your weight loss plan is an important aspect of success. Think of your goals as steps towards getting healthier instead of just trying to see a number on a scale. Celebrate each milestone or achievement to keep the positive momentum going. 

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