Enjoying the Holiday season, healthfully

Dec 21, 2017
It seems as thought the "holiday season" has turned into the "eating season." From Halloween through New Years, treats and feasts seem to be everywhere and endless. The number of temptations on a daily basis, at work, church, home, family and friends' homes and at shops are astronomical. 

But don't let the abundance of extravagant foods derail the hard work you have put in all year! Think of the holidays as a time to celebrate your success and healthy habits and try to share that with others.

Keep the focus on the fun, not the food. Instead of having everyone over to eat, try a new tradition - 
-crafts with family
-caroling with friends
-trimming the tree (or wreaths) together
-going to see holiday lights
-participating in a fun run or walk to celebrate the holidays

If you feel you must indulge in a holiday treat, think of the one that is the most special to you and have a small serving. Keep the rest of the meals and the snacks healthy. Stock the freezer with healthy meals to keep the choice easy.

Keep moving! People who engage in physical activity over the holidays have the least weight gain or even lose weight. 

What are some of your ideas for having a happy, healthy holiday season?
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