Making Changes with your Family

Mar 01, 2019

One of the most difficult parts of having bariatric surgery is the necessity to make lifestyle changes. Lifestyle changes are challenging because they include not only dietary intervention, but psychological intervention. 
We live in a culture of instant gratification. We have become accustomed to grabbing fast food items or heating convenience foods and calling them a meal. Unfortunately, this has created a culture that is resistant to change. This is often where we find ourselves when we are trying to make changes, but our families are no supportive of the change.
What we often overlook is that our children follow our lead. If we teach them bad habits than they will continue with those habits. It may not seem to affect them now, but it could have a very negative impact on their future. Therefore, it is up to you to help them change. This change will not only help them, but it will allow you to stay on track with the changes necessary to make bariatric surgery work for you.
We recommended that you start making these changes prior to surgery, but these changes can be made at any point in your journey. Start by having better food choices available and eliminating all of the sugar-sweetened beverages from the household.  Make meal planning and prepping a priority. Plan meals for 4-5 days out of the week and then plan for leftovers on the other days. Use your resources to choose recipes that are creative and flavorful for everyone.
Recognize that change is difficult. It might be a bumpy road in the beginning, but it is a road that you will be happy you went down in the future. Get your family on board and make it about everyone living a healthier lifestyle!

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