Setting yourself up for success

Mar 10, 2017
Have you ever heard the advice to surround yourself with successful people so that you will be successful? Turns out there might be something to this! According to research and health experts at the Mayo Clinic, your lifestyle choices are greatly influenced by the people you spend time with, namely, friends, family, and co-workers. This can be a problem if your friends insist on big dinners with high calorie drinks and desserts. But your social support can also have a positive impact on your weight loss if those people are choosing healthy behaviors as well. 

Having social support can be one of the best tools for success after weight loss surgery. So how do you make sure your friends and family are a help and not a hindrance? 
1. Healthy eating - do your friends/family choose unhealthy foods for celebration or overindulge on a regular basis? If yes, talk to them about your goals and ask if they want to be healthier too. You may find that people in your social circle want to make changes but need YOU for inspiration or support as well!

2. Activity - is your group more likely to watch a movie or a game instead of being active? If yes, suggest trying a fun group activity such as bowling, dancing, or biking to get everyone moving, or join a group such as a walking club or fitness class to meet others with similar goals and interests to your own. 

Let your loved ones know that their support is important to you. If they are not supportive of positive, healthy lifestyle changes, remember to focus on your own goals and find support elsewhere. This could be from a new group of active friends, a counselor or support group here at SC Obesity. 

Supportive Friends and Family

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