Non-Scale Victories

Jul 07, 2022

“I can walk up 19 stairs without huffing and puffing.” “My pant size is now three sizes smaller.”  “I am no longer a diabetic.” “I spent a whole day walking at Disney’s Animal Kingdom with my grandkids.” These are just a few of the non-scale victories shared at this week’s Support Group.  Whether the victories were about alleviating medical problems, becoming more active or eliminating weight stigma all patients agreed identifying and documenting non-scale victories were an important part of their weight loss journey.  Often these victories helped patients get emotionally through a weight plateau, or a bout of weight gain.  Patients shared that these victories helped them encourage themselves vs waiting or desiring external encouragement.
What are your non-scale victories?  Are you writing them down to remember them and reflect on them in the future?
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