Planning for Special Events

Jun 28, 2024

How are you doing this summer with weight loss and “special events?”  It is manageable to control calories on typical days but what about holidays (Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day), birthdays, weddings, family vacations, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day?  There are so many events during the summer and these celebrations can derail your weight loss. 

Here are a few principles that may help:

-Anticipate what food will be served and plan accordingly.

-Focus on selecting protein and produce options ie chicken and salad, salmon and broccoli.

-Take a safe dish to events, one that is lower in calories which you enjoy.  Follow us on social media @sc_obesity  for recipe ideas.

-Do not mingle around a buffet table or picnic table where you are tempted to graze.

-Get a bit more exercise on those days.

-Limit alcohol, punches, soda, lemonades, and juices to avoid high calorie beverages.

Finally, if you do overindulge a bit don’t let one day turn into 2-3 days or a week of overeating.   Of course, do not get down on yourself but refocus your efforts on your lifestyle changes.  As always, we are here to support you on your journey.  Call us any time for support.

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