Pre-planning For The Holidays

Oct 31, 2023

Awe the Holidays…they are filled with joy, peace, happy celebrations, family…shopping stress, present pressures, overexposure to delicious food, sweets, and alcohol.  There is a lot to plan and contemplate before the holidays.  As a bariatric patient pre-planning is a must!

You may already be planning your holiday budget or family travel plans but are you planning holiday meals, parties and anticipating what you will be confronted with?

Some situations to think through:

*  What will you do with your extra Halloween candy?

*  Who is cooking Thanksgiving dinner?  Christmas dinner?  Will there be food items you          can easily tolerate and fit into your meal plan?  How will you handle the abundant candy,      cakes, pies, and alcohol?

*  Can you plan to have a small appetizer plate of food and walk away from party buffets?

*  If you are the family holiday baker how will this change?  Does it need to change?

*  How can you get additional exercise during the holidays?

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