Recommended Reading

Feb 06, 2023

Our bariatric patients know that reaching and maintaining their health goals is a combination of nutritional and lifestyle changes.  Below we have listed “good reads” that focus on identifying behaviors personally and culturally  and strategies for change.  We hope they will help you on your journey.  All books are available on Amazon.

Atomic Habits – by James Clear

Intuitive Eating – by Evelyn Tribole RDN

Feeding the Hungry Heart – by Geneen Roth

Dopamine Nation - by Anna Lembke, MD

Food and Love – by Gary Smalley

The Mountain is You -by Brianna Wiest

I’ll Start Again Monday -by Lisa Terkeurst

Small Bites – Daily Inspirations for Weight Loss Surgery Patients -by Katie Jay and Julia A.F. Persing

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