Jan 09, 2024

Happy New Year!  New years bring a lot of hope and anticipation.  It’s time to make new goals, begin new exercise programs, start new health habits.  However, please take time to reflect on how far you have come!  Sometimes we are so eager to jump to new strategies or the latest ideas in exercise and nutrition.  Take some time first, to reflect on your past year, without judgement.  Here are some questions that may help:

What went well with my weight loss and health journey last year?

How did I manage the holidays?  What could I improve?  How was I well prepared for the holidays?

How can I change up my exercise?  Should I increase the frequency or intensity of exercise?  Should I join a gym or do more exercise at home?  Should I find a more convenient way to exercise (ie finding a gym closer to home), walk during lunch breaks.

Am I pre-planning meals, grocery shopping and cooking at home?

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