Reflux and Bariatric Surgery

Sep 20, 2021

Reflux and Bariatric Surgery

Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, can be an unpleasant condition to those who are affected by it.  Also known as heartburn, GERD can cause burning, belching, difficulty swallowing, cough, bitter taste in the mouth, and can awaken you at night when the acid in your stomach backflows into the esophagus (throat).  The condition of obesity can make one more likely to suffer from GERD, as extra weight in the abdominal area puts pressure on the abdominal organs, making regurgitation of stomach contents more likely. 

If you haven’t yet had bariatric surgery and suffer from GERD, speak to your surgeon about your condition.  Pre-surgical testing can be performed to help the surgeon offer the best treatment option so that your GERD does not worsen after surgery.  For those who have already undergone bariatric surgery and who are experiencing GERD, we can help.  GERD after weight loss surgery is a hot topic around the world.  At SC Obesity Surgery Center, our weight loss surgeons are experienced in treating those who suffer from both obesity and GERD.  Our goal is to treat both your reflux and obesity. 

If you’ve already had surgery and find yourself having difficulty with heartburn, schedule an appointment with your surgeon by calling 803.936.3300.  Your surgeon may recommend a series of tests to determine the true nature of your problem.  From there, the surgeon and you will sit down and discuss treatment options.  Leaving GERD untreated can be dangerous, as the damage from stomach acid can lead to conditions such as Barrett’s esophagus and cancer.

Suffer from GERD no more.  Give us a call today.

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