So You "Got Off Track" During the Holiday(s)!

Nov 30, 2021

Pumpkin pie, potatoes and gravy, and homemade rolls with butter, these are all wonderful holiday foods.  But they are not your usual fare.  How do you get back on track with weight loss or weight maintenance after the holiday (s)?

  1. Lay Down the Guilt- Holiday foods come around once a year. Enjoy your holiday! Just be careful it does not continue for a week. Also, limit foods that you know are trigger foods which you have a hard time controlling. Guilty feelings can lead to even more emotional eating.
  2. Energize Your Workout - Add a day to your exercise routine, add longer cardio or begin strength training or interval training.
  3. Return to Protein and Produce- Fill your plate with primarily lean protein and vegetables. Meal prep to control portion sizes.
  4. Be Sure to Get Your Sleep -If you have been travelling or entertaining, get back to 7-9 hours of sleep nightly. Sleep can help moderate your appetite, positively affect your hormones and help you make better food choices.



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