Southern Sweet Tea

Mar 17, 2022

Did you know sweet tea began as a luxury item due to the expense of its ingredients, tea, ice, and sugar.  The Housekeeping In Old Virginia cookbook, 1878, was the first cookbook to publish a recipe for sweet tea.  It has now become an inexpensive staple in many southern households.   However, at 100 calories per glass it is not recommended for bariatric patients.  A large (30 oz) McDonald’s sweet tea has 160 calories.  This can sabotage your weight loss, not to mention spike your blood sugar, elevate your triglyceride level, increase acid reflux and reduce iron absorption!  What alternatives are available?

Water, pure refreshing water!

Homemade Infused water – infuse with fruits (oranges, lemons, berries), vegetables (cucumbers), herbs (mint)

Sugar-free Flavored Water – Propel, Hint, Fruit20, Nestle Splash Lemon Water

Sugar-free Flavor Packets- Crystal Light, Wyler’s Light, sugar free Country Time lemonade

Sugar-free Water Enhancers – Mio (watch for added caffeine), Crystal Light liquid, Dasani Drops

Zero calorie Sports Drinks – Body Armor Lyte, Gatorade 0, Powerade 0

Decaf Coffee and Tea


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