Measuring Up

Jul 25, 2017
A variety of measuring tapes

Many times I have heard patients after surgery comparing how much weight they have lost. “I lost 115 lbs by my one year anniversary” says one patient.  “Wow, I only lost 75 lbs by my one year anniversary,” another says in response. Is the first patient more successful because they lost 40 more pounds? How do you know?  My answer to the first question is not necessarily. The answer to the second is, it’s personal. Every person is different coming into surgery. Every surgery is different. Every ideal body weight, ideal body image and ideal life is different for every person. 

So how do you measure your success? By your new jeans size? By how little you eat? In some unhealthy cases, by how much you can eat?  Maybe its time to think of some new measures of success. What about how much less medication you have to take now? How much further can you walk now without getting tired? Where can you go on your own when before you were depending on others to take you or to go for you?

How healthy is your diet now? Are you proud because you don’t rely on ice cream to make you feel good? Are you able to go to a fitness class and enjoy it with friends?

This week, think back to before surgery and compare your life now. What is your personal triumph that makes you successful? You may not have even needed to lose 115 pounds, so comparing your weight loss to another person’s is like comparing apples to oranges. There is no comparison. Be proud of what you have accomplished so far and what you plan to accomplish.  Be happy for the person next to you and their accomplishments.

Let the success of others motivate you to continue with your personal achievement! 

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