Swaps for High-Fat Foods

Jun 03, 2024

When it comes to weight loss, even small changes to your diet matter. Below are a few examples of “swaps” that you may be able to make while cooking. Many of these changes, such as choosing a low-fat mayo over a full-fat mayo, will not change the taste.

Instead of:                          Try this:

Sour cream                         Fat-free sour cream or yogurt   

Cream                                 Fat-free evaporated milk

Mayonnaise                        Light mayonnaise

Cream cheese                    Light or Fat-free cream cheese

Hamburger                          90% lean ground beef


Bacon                                  Turkey or vegetarian bacon

Sausage                              Turkey or soy sausage   

Oil in baking                         Applesauce

Oil to coat pans                   Nonfat cooking spray

Much of the fat content of our foods comes from the cooking method. Try to avoid frying or using too much oil or butter, as this contributes more fat and calories to your food. For example, using a non-fat cooking spray on a pan instead of pouring olive oil will reduce fat. Air-frying, baking, and slow-cooking are also great options to avoid adding fats.

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