The Importance of Quality Sleep

Jan 31, 2024

Good quality sleep is not only important to your health, but to your mental health as well. If you are ever evaluated by a psychological professional, they are most likely to ask you about your quality of sleep and sleep habits within the first few minutes of the evaluation. This is because low quality sleep or sleep disturbances can have a negative impact on your overall mental health, which can then overflow to negatively impact your health. Sleep issues can cause a person to have more challenges irritability, focus, energy, and motivation. If you are having sleep issues and attempting to lose weight, this could be a large barrier to successful weight loss. We know when we are tired and unmotivated, we are more likely to make poor food choices and not exercise.

It is important that if you are having excessive day time sleepiness, trouble falling asleep, or waking multiple times a night for an extended amount of time, that you talk with your health care provider.  Often patient’s may be dealing with sleep apnea, but anxiety and depression symptoms can be very similar. If you feel that you need additional resources related to mental health or would like recommendations for psychological providers who can complete an evaluation re: sleep issues, please contact our clinical social worker, Branna Grubbs, LISW-CP. 

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