Tips for Success

Oct 05, 2020

Tips for Success:

  1. Use a food diary
    • This can be a powerful tool to help with accountability
  2. Plan ahead for meals
    • If you don’t plan to succeed than you are planning to fail
  3. Make your grocery list prior to shopping
    • Don’t go to the grocery store hungry- you will not be happy with her food choices
  4. Avoid eating and drinking at the same time
    • This is any easy way to defeat the purpose of surgery because it allows you to have larger portions and can make you hungry more quickly
  5. Avoid grazing between meals
    • People that graze tend to consume more calories than those that eat three meals per day
  6. Attend support groups and seek online support groups
    • Support groups are designed to help you- take advantage of them
  7. Set realistic goals and reward yourself with non-food rewards
    • Make a list of things that you would like to accomplish and reward yourself without food involved
  8. Measure your meals and use portion control containers
    • Measuring and portion control help to make sure that you do not overeat
  9. Use small plates and utensils
    • This will help you adjust psychologically to your new lifestyle
  10. Address emotional eating issues
    • We have a social worker on staff and we have monthly support groups to help you on your journey
  11. Exercise daily
    • Find something you enjoy to not only help with weight loss and weight maintenance, but to have a balanced lifestyle
  12. Take your vitamin
    • Vitamin supplementation is recommended for the rest of your life to prevent any long-term complications due to vitamin deficiencies
  13. Check in with your support team every 1-2 months
    • You are scheduled for these appointments- make sure you show up
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