To Tell or Not to Tell...

Dec 11, 2020

To Tell or Not to Tell…

Do you tell others that you’ve had bariatric surgery?  This question is one of the hottest topics amongst those who’ve undergone weight loss procedures.  Some people consider themselves an open book and share their story with everyone.  They post their journeys on social media, often including pictures of their progress.  Patients who openly share their story can find this rewarding, self-validating, and often feel like they may be helping others who are wondering, “Is bariatric surgery right for me?”

Others may be more “middle-of-the-road” when it comes to sharing their story.  These individuals may say, “If someone asks, I’ll tell them.  Otherwise, I’ll keep it to myself.”  This approach allows the person to feel as if they aren’t hiding anything yet allows for some privacy as well.

Finally, others choose to keep their surgery completely private.  There are even people who choose to keep their surgery hidden from their partners and families.  While this option may be more challenging and require a bit of creative work, these patients enjoy the feeling of keeping their private health information to themselves. 

In truth, it doesn’t matter which type of person you are.  Your choice to either share your surgery or keep it private is just that: your choice.  Realize that the world around us is not always kind.  Being prepared with your responses will help you to feel confident in your decision to utilize surgery as a method to lose weight.  If you don’t feel like opening up, don’t.  When someone notices your weight loss and asks how you lost weight, it’s not a lie to say, “I changed my diet and focused on exercise.”  Because you DID change your diet and become more active after surgery.  Those who haven’t undergone surgery may not understand that surgery isn’t the easy way out.  In fact, achieving success after weight loss surgery requires dedication, bravery, and perseverance. 

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