Weight Loss Plateau

Jul 10, 2023


During weight loss, many people experience a weight loss plateau, meaning that they have not lost weight for several weeks or months. While it is frustrating, it does not always mean that you are doing something wrong. If you experience a stall in weight loss, address the following:

  1. Are you meeting protein needs?

    -We recommend 60 grams or more of protein daily. Once you are in the maintenance phase after surgery, most of your protein intake should be whole foods (not just shakes!).

  2. Are you meeting fluid needs?

    -Drink at least 64 oz of water or sugar-free flavored water daily. Avoid drinking during meals or too close to meals (wait 30 minutes between drinking and eating).

  3. What does your exercise routine look like?

    -The American Heart Association recommends at least 150 minutes of physical activity each week. Try to incorporate both cardio exercises and strength training into your routine.

  4. How often are you eating?

    -You should eat regularly and avoid skipping meals. Additionally, avoid snacking too frequently between meals (this may be a sign of mindless eating).

  5. Why are you eating?

    -Each time you eat, ask yourself why you are eating. Try to eat only when you are physically hungry. If you are struggling with emotional eating, try to find healthier coping mechanisms to comfort or distract you.  

  6. Are you keeping a food journal?

    -Try tracking everything you eat and drink, whether you use a journal or an app such as Baritastic or MyFitnessPal. This can help you identify potential changes to your diet.  

  7. Are you varying your routine?

-Switch things up! If you eat the exact same food every day, try something new. Additionally, if you do the same workout routine every day, look for new and exciting exercises. It is important to avoid burnout.

If you have addressed all the above items, stay consistent! Be patient with weight loss and celebrate your non-scale victories during this journey.

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