Diet Downfall: Late night snacking

Jul 24, 2018

Have you ever eaten healthy all day but then fallen into the trap of late night snacking? Cookies at 10? Chips at 2 am? Even though we may “think” we are hungry at this time, do our bodies really need this? No!! So how do you avoid this trap? Some of it is habit, some of it is willpower, but creating a healthy environment in your home is helpful to avoiding this diet downfall. Here are some tips:

  1. Prepare your body during the day. Have a healthy meal plan that includes quality foods such as lean meats, low fat dairy, vegetables, fruit, and whole grains. Following a healthy meal plan will provide your body what it needs and you are less likely to be hungry in the evening.

  2. Get a big glass of water to keep with you during the rest of your evening. Almost everyone needs to drink more water, and you won’t want to go get this after you do #3.


  3. Close the kitchen after dinner. If you are following your healthy meal plan and didn’t skip meals earlier in the day, you have given your body the fuel and nutrition that it needs. Clean up the kitchen and turn off the lights in there. Who wants to clean up the kitchen twice in one night?!


  4. Avoid “binge watching” television. Our brains are wired for habit. If you are used to having a snack while watching tv, you will feel as though you are depriving yourself. Find a different activity that can stimulate your brain so that you don’t feel bored and feel like you need a snack.


  5. Go to bed. Inadequate sleep increases appetite and the risk of obesity and related diseases. Aim for 7-8 hours every night.


These are simple lifestyle changes that can help you avoid late night snacking. Sometimes though, someone may need more help because of “night eating syndrome” or “binge eating disorder.” If you think you may be struggling with one or both of these, please let your physician or dietitian know. There is help available.

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Late night eating

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